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As a result of the DFAT Pacific Statistics Assessment and the Internal SDD review, SDD is endeavoring to provide an
improved user experience, with better access to data for all users of our websites – SDD/PRISM/NMDI.

In September and October of 2017 we conducted a User Focus Survey to help better focus our websites and access to Pacific Data to address the needs of policy developers, planners, NGOs, civil society and development partners, as well as any other users.

The survey covered the following rough areas:

  • Identification – country, place of work
  • Official statistics – which offical statistics are used regularly, how are they obtained, for what purposes, is any assistance required to utlise statistics
  • PRISM/SDD/NMDI websites – should SDD be the broking house for all official statistics in the region?, are you satisfied with how SDD is disseminating data?, how do you find the interfaces?, do you trust the data on these sites?
  • SDD Document Library – how easy is it to navigate?, how valuable is the content?,
  • News and updates – should SDD be posting news?, do you use the PRISM twitter account?, are there are social media accounts which should be used?,
  • NMDI database – should the NMDI database be expanded to include SDG’s?, how useful is the database?, how easy is the interface to navigate?, how do you find the metadata?,
  • PopGIS – how often to you access the sites?, how easy do you find them to use?, what do you use the sites for?
  • Pacific Data Library – do you find the PDL easy to navigate?, how easy is it to access microdata sets?,
  • Open Data Portal – how useful would an open data portal be for you?, would API access be useful?
  • SDD Innovations Site – do you think this is a good idea?
  • User assisstance and engagement –  do you consider Livechat a valuable tool to provide assistance?
  • General feedback – rank the usefulness of different SDD products, consider a few new ideas, overall how well to SDD sites meet your needs?, how visually appealing are SDD sites?, do you trust the information on SDD sites?, would you recommend SDD sites to a friend?

Sixty-nine (69) respondents provided very valuable feedback indicating that SDD is doing a great job, though there are areas which could be improved to provide a more user-friendly experience. These results are summarised here, lowres images are below.


A new SDD website is currently being designed leveraging feedback from this survey. Some basic designs will be provided in a new SDD Innovations post shortly.