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Welcome to SDD Innovations

SDD Innovations provides an opportunity for you to participate in shaping the future direction of SDD. As we develop and test new ideas we will post them on this site and ask for you to give us your feedback.

Note : this is a test site so the data may not be the most recent or may be innacurate.

Coastal Population Mapping

This collaborative project between SPC and Worldfish has been initiated in direct response to many requests SDD recieved for coastal population figures. These requests were coming primarily from food security…

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Coming Soon …

SDD Customer (User) Focus Survey

A short survey to gather feedback on access to data and products, support, and general user experience on SDD hosted websites.


PopGIS is being fully redeveloped using HTML5 which will result in a more responsive system which can also be used on tablets and smart phones.

Open Data Portal

Pilot .stat data portal using SDMX compliant v8 of OECD.stat data platform

QGIS for Census and Survey Mapping Manual

How to use Quantum GIS to replace commercial software for Census and Survey mapping and Analysis. GPS household plotting, administrative boundary creation, supervisor and enumerator map production, basic spatial analysis, image processing.

Census Methodologies

A knowledge base of documentation and presentations to assist countries embarking on Population Censuses.

Get in touch

We would appreciate any general feedback you have in relation to this site including suggestions for new ideas. Please don’t hesitate to send us a short message.

Note: please add any comments relating to current SDD Innovations to the corresponding posts so that others can also take part in the discussions.